If you have any questions about Pineview Hall or the PRC, you can check out our contact page to get in touch with our office.

The Pineview Recreation Commission has been providing recreational activities for Pineview and it's surrounding communities since 1977. 

Our goal is to enrich the quality of life in the community by providing enjoyable and constructive leisure opportunities for all residents. We want to make the community a more attractive place to live and visit by fostering inter group and inter generational relations among community residents of different racial, ethnic, or religious backgrounds. We strive to provide positive recreation opportunities and experiences for youth to help them overcome or avoid negative use of time.

We try to strengthen neighbourhood and community life by involving residents in volunteer projects, such as SnowFrolics and SunFrolics and other special events to enhance civic pride and moral. We promote community health and safety by offering special workshops and courses to help residents with needed certifications to be able to volunteer for their own personal growth.

We strive to include special populations of all ages, such as those with physical or cognitive disabilities.

Pineview Reaction Commission and Pineview Hall.

Despite burning down in 2007, Pineview Hall and the Pineview Recreation Commission continue to be integral parts of Pineview and it's surrounding communities.

‚ÄčPineview Community Hall

We offer various activities throughout the year in addition to our annual festivals. You can check out our summer baseball league by getting in touch with the Pineview Funtimers, or take your horses out for a ride in our arena by joining the Timerline Rider's Gymkhana.

If you've got littles, you can check out the Teddybear Preschool or enroll them in our various youth activities, such as summer sport lessons, dance classes, and an arts and crafts program.

Check out our events and programs pages to learn more!

Before Pineview Hall, the land was used for a school. By 1977, it had been turned into a community hall used primarily for recreational activities.

SnowFrolics and SunFrolics (formerly known as Summer Fest) are annual community festivals that we have been organizing since our founding. Over the decades, we have offered various activities such as dances, sport tournaments, outhouse racing, and art classes.