Pineview Community Hall

Good day everyone!

It has been the custom to hold the tea for celebrations of life at the Pineview Community Hall for residents that live in Area D of the Regional District of Fraser Fort George. Communities included in this area are: Tabor Lake, Pineview, Buckhorn, Red Rock and Stoner. With many of our residents getting on in years or passing away themselves, our volunteer list has dwindled significantly. Because of these facts, we need to replenish our list of contributors. The larger the list the less often one will be called upon to contribute.

Providing the tea reduces the stress and financial burden of families having to say goodbye to a loved one. Volunteering at one of these teas is a humbling experience. Families are so grateful for the efforts of people within the community.

For those of you who may live in these communities and have not had to utilize this service this is basically how it works:

As a resident, if a celebration of life is held in their honour the family pays a small fee for the use of the hall and the family provide the following items:

  • Coffee/tea/sugar/cream

  • Cups/glasses/small plates/cutlery – knives/forks/spoons/stir sticks/napkins

  • Any other beverages or specialty foods they wish to have served at the tea

  • Using the tables and chairs from the hall, the family sets them up and at the end takes them down. A small table for a guest book and several larger tables to place photos or other memorabilia are also available. (Table clothes are provided for the food and dessert tables.)

The communities provide the basic foods listed below, volunteers to set out the food and help with cleanup afterwards.

  • Sandwiches

  • Sweets

  • Vegetable trays

  • In addition there may also be meat and cheese trays, pickles and other items as it is the residents that provide what they can.

If you are willing to assist with this worthwhile and appreciated community service please text or call me, Nancy, at 778-349-0541. Please be sure to advise of your preference, 1) Contributing food or 2) Contributing food and helping at a tea. You can also hit the Sign Up button below and enter your information to be added to the Memorial Tea Volunteer list.

I work down the list and provide you with as much notice as possible. As mentioned above the larger the list the less often one will be called upon to contribute. I look forward to hearing from you and please feel free to share this message.

Having said that, families are also welcome to rent the hall for the minimal fee and arrange the tea themselves. One needs to clarify their need at the time of booking the hall. Thank you for your time and have a great day!